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The Office is as Important as the Dentist You Choose

Dentists are not all the same and neither are dental offices.

There are two main types of dental offices to consider:

  • Dentist Owned and Managed Private Practices
  • Corporate Managed and/or Owned Dental Offices

A Private Dental Practice is Owned and Managed by a licensed and practicing dentist, who most likely is providing your dental care. In Private Practice, the dentist establishes the atmosphere of the office, hires staff, and determines policies for treatment and financial matters. Private dental practices can have more than one location, have partners or associate dentists, but they will most often have the same well trained staff greeting your every visit.


Corporate Managed and/or Owned Dental Offices might be publicly traded, privately owned, or directed by private equity investors. They are centrally managed, meaning people trained in business hire, administrate, market, and determine the atmosphere and policies for treatment and financial matters. Most Corporate Dental Offices are identifiable by their brand name. However, some do not market their brand, and instead, present their offices as  private practices.


Differences exist between them. Private Practices most often have one location, while Corporate Dental Offices can have over 400 locations. In Private Practice, your dentist determines office policies. In a Corporate setting, business executives might have final say on office policies and processes. Private Practice Dentists are usually clinically seasoned, while Corporate Dentists are often, but not always, recent graduates. Private Practice Dentists are responsible for how their offices perform, whereas, Corporate Dentists are often not part of that process. Before scheduling with a new dental practice, ask who owns and manages the practice.

When deciding upon a dentist, also consider the office type.

Make sure to assess your office choice during your first visit. You should feel comfortable knowing:

  • The office is clean, organized, and pleasant
  • You are greeted in a friendly manner
  • Everyone is moving at a comfortable pace, and not rushed
  • Your dentist and staff take time to thoroughly answer your questions
  • You’re provided less costly options without being pressured
  • Each time you return, you’re greeted by familiar, friendly faces

OPT-In Dental Advantage works with Private Practice Dentists who are committed to your dental care. Your dentist is your dentist, and the office you visit, managed by your dentist, will do everything possible to make your visit a comfortable one. 

Thank you for Choosing an OPT-In Dental Advantage Dental Office.