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Dental Health Resources in Spearfish SD

South Dakota Dental Health Resources

Wehn choosing a dentist or a dental health specialist, you can start your search with our Opt-In Dental Advantage members. Every Opt-In dentist in Spearfish, SD and across the nation lives by the Opt-In code of ethics. Each of them has committed to treating every patient with respect and honesty, to inform you truthfully about your diagnosis and all your options, and to offer you the services you need without trying to "upsell" you on unnecessary procedures. For quality dental care without tricks or gimmicks, choose an Opt-In Dental Advantage dentist.

Our current member dentists in Spearfish, SD include Spearfish Family Dentistry, which offers general dentistry services for the entire family. Aside from quality general dental care. Dr. Jonathan Reth of Spearfish family dentistry specializes in treating TMJ/TMD.

Opt-In Dental Advantage Members in Spearfish, SD

Dr. Reth is a trusted member of the greater Spearfish community, as evidenced by the continual growth of his practice over the last seven years through patient referrals and recommendations. At Spearfish Family Dentistry, you will receive skillful and trustworthy service consistent with our Opt-In Code of Conduct. 


Aside from our Opt-In Dental Advantage members, we have also compiled a list of other healthcare providers and dentists in Spearfish and surrounding areas to help you find one who meets your needs. Because these dentists have not agreed to the Opt-In code of ethics, they are not listed with our members and we cannot make the same guarantees about their service. If your dentist isn't an Opt-In Dental Advantage member, you can encourage them to become one by visiting us at