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Dental Technicians Make Teeth. They’re Important, and You Need to Know about Them.

Like Dentists, Dental Technicians are part scientist, part craftsman, and part artist. Today, with advances in digital technology, they are also part engineer. Essential to quality dental care, they draw upon their many talents to make teeth in Dental Laboratories for patients in need:

Crowns for severely broken or decayed teeth

Bridges to replace missing teeth & function

Dentures, either full or partial dentures, also for missing teeth

Dental Implant supported teeth, incorporating all of the above for missing teeth

• Porcelain veneers to enhance esthetics and self-esteem

The teeth they make must meet minimum standards that a good dentist will verify. The standards include: a fit that helps to prevent predictable problems, a shape that mimics real life, a finish that is highly polished, and a chewing surface that comfortably contacts opposing teeth. Teeth that are highly esthetic and look real require exceptional talent that normally costs more. Regardless of cost, the teeth should be tried in place and thoroughly checked for each requirement. Your dentist will make adjustments where needed as a normal part of the process.

As in every walk of life, dental laboratories offer a wide variety of talent and costs. The most sophisticated may not be available to patients who rely on restrictive dental insurance, an unfortunate limitation of dental benefits. If you fall into this category and have a concern, ask your OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentist for advice. OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentists have access to the right dental laboratories for every need and budget, will thoroughly check that necessary criteria has been met, and provide information about the materials used. A word of caution: While it is always your option to help choose the laboratory level right for you, we strongly suggest trusting your dentist to choose the best laboratory partner in that level. Sometimes, patients want a specific dental lab, which may not be in their best interest. It is best to leave this to the expert, your OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentist.

OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentists and Dental Laboratory Owners rely on the OPT-In Philosophy as partners in your care. The Dental Laboratories listed on the sub page, Lab Professionals Who Care, comprise a list of those who have agreed to set themselves apart through a code of ethics. These laboratory professionals play an important role in supporting your doctor-patient relationship.