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Why Choose an Opt-In Dentist

If you are searching for the best dentists near you, you might get lucky asking a friend or doing a Google search, but there's a better way to simplify the process and narrow down your search to the most skilled and ethical dentists in your area. OPT-In Dental Advantage only shows you dentists who have been carefully vetted and who have pledged to follow the highest standards of patient care. You can see what other patients have said about them and unlike some other dentist directories, we give you the information to contact every dentist directly.

OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentists are educated in the correct use of the best materials, have chosen quality dental laboratories to best manage your care. Your dentist is your dentist, and the office you visit, managed by your dentist, will do everything possible to make your visit a comfortable one.

Identifying the Best Dentists

When searching for a dentist, it's important to know what questions to ask. These are some of the questions we ask our member dentists. Three factors that can help determine both the quality and the value of your dental care are: 

  • Continuing Education is the key to remaining current. While continuing education can be very expensive, it means your dentist is continually improving on your behalf.
  • Clinical Materials  help determine how long well your dental care will last. Dentists purchasing the best materials and educated in their uses are able to provide longer lasting dental care that is less likely to break.
  • Dental Laboratory Technicians make teeth for patients in need. While dentists are responsible for minimum standards having been met, final finish and esthetics are often directly related to the talent of a dental technicians, which can also affect cost.

Cost is important to us all, but cost alone doesn’t determine quality. OPT-In Dental Advantage patients should expect their Dentists to take the time to explain all your treatment options while making sure you are being provided Only the Care you Need and the Quality You Deserve.

We believe these are some of the values that drive the best dentists. Our mission is to support and encourage this kind of high quality dental care and to help patients find the best dentists in their communities. This is the advantage you gain by choosing an OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentist.

Now, it’s time to Choose Your OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentist.