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About Opt-In Dental Advantage

Is all dentistry the same?

Of course, not all dentists and dentistry are the same. Our job, as advocates for your doctor-patient relationship, is to provide you with a clear, honest understanding for assessing your dental care options, and guidance on factors to consider when choosing the best dentist for your needs.

Your OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentist blends art, skill, and science to precisely tailor your treatment to fit your needs. That means, even if the best option is a crown, there might also be alternatives that will be fully explained and made available to you. Our dentists understand that it is your right as the patient to be fully educated about your options and to make the final decisions about your care. Unfortunately, not every dental office will take that approach. That's why so often we hear of patients not educated in dentistry, or with only cursory knowledge from the internet, making costly, wrong decisions. 

OPT-In Dental Advantage advocates for you and your doctor as partners in quality care.

Who we are 

The leadership of OPT-In Dental Advantage consists of dentists who want to support the best dental care. Because we come from dentistry and understand dentists, patients, and insurance, we’ll do our best to help educate you in dental care, and how to find the right dentist for you. We're not career business people just trying to capitalize on a gap in patient education. We want to improve the system we're a part of both as dental professionals and patients. Our goal is to showcase dentists around the United States who are doing right by their patients and at the same time, give patients the right questions to ask to be able to distinguish the best dentists from the not-so-good ones.

What we offer

We believe that once you are properly educated about your dental care and know the questions to ask, you'll be better prepared to select a dentist who has your best interests at heart, and how to partner with your dentist to encourage the best possible care. To guide you in finding the right dentist in your area, we have sought out the best dentists around the country who are committed to providing excellent patient care. Use our Find a Dentist tool to locate OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentists near you. This tool as well as the education we provide here are free for patients to access. All we ask is that you spread the word, leave reviews, and use these assets to improve the quality of your dental care for life.

The section “How to Choose Your Dentist” is where it all begins.

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OPT-In Dental Advantage is the only source that advocates for you and your doctor as partners in quality care