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Welcome to the World of OPT-In Dental Advantage

 A Different Kind of Dental Experience!

I want to personally welcome you to our website, an experience we hope you'll want to share with family, friends, and co-workers . Here, you'll be educated on what to look for when choosing a dentist, a dental office, and the dentistry you need. You'll also learn how the OPT-in Dental Advantage Philosophy remains entirely about You, and Your right to Honest and Transparent information that binds Integrity with the doctor-patient relationship. 

Today, attempts are being made to reduce the doctor — patient relationship from being patient (you) centered, to process (profit) centered. Rather than allow that to happen, dentists, dental technicians, and manufacturers have come together to offer patients (you) an alternative, OPT-In  Dental Advantage.

Our website is filled with honest, transparent, and difficult to find information you can rely to find a dental experience you can trust. Check out each page for information on the different types of dental care, what to look for, differences amongst dental offices and dental laboratories, and how to manage dental insurance. Most importantly, once you are better educated, you'll be ready to select the right OPT-In Dental Advantage Dentist for you and your family.

Welcome to the world of OPT-In Dental Advantage. We're honored to have you with us.

Dean Mersky, DDS