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Start your dentist search in Wappingers Falls with OPT-In Dental Advantage. Our dentists live by the Opt-In code of ethics, where each patient is treated with care and we ensure that you will understand all that there is to know about your dental care.

Our current Wappingers Falls dentist members include Westlake Dental Studio. If your dentist isn't an OPT-In Dental Advantage member, you can encourage them to become one by visiting us at


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  • Nicholas Coronel

    Westlake Dental Studio

    4700 N Capitol Texas Hwy, 1112

    Wappingers Falls, TX 78746

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    [email protected]

    (512) 782-0820

    • General Practice: Family Practice, General Extractions, Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Root Canals, Sedation

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