This Year’s Resolution: Dental Health

It’s January, the gyms are busy, and the Kale is practically flying off of produce stands across the nation. In addition to resolving to eat better and move more, many people are also focused on receiving the preventive medical and dental care they need to keep their bodies in top condition. However, in order to do that, you need to find a great family doctor and dentist who can help you to reach your goals.

Finding a dentist can be especially challenging if you live in a big city, where thousands of dentists are actively marketing their services. Fortunately, one organization has made it easier than ever before to find a great dentist: Opt-In Dental Advantage.

Feel Secure With The Opt-In Code of Ethics

In order to protect patients across the country, Opt-In Dental Advantage asks participating dental providers to abide by a very particular code of ethics. In addition to treating each and every patient with respect and consideration, the Opt-In Code of Ethics also asks dentists to do the following things:

• To only provide dental care at a quality level they would be proud to show another dental professional.
• To bill insurance companies properly for treatment performed, with the codes representing the actual treatment.
• To be transparent with patients regarding clinical benefits, procedures, and expenses, and to avoid “up-selling.”
• To provide a written diagnosis to patients upon their request.
• To provide second opinions, including findings and treatment options.
• To stay current with continuing education.
• To provide patients with an emergency dental care number.
• To only provide services allowed according to state law and the state Dental Practice Act.

In addition to networking with thousands of dentists who promise to abide by this code of ethics, Opt-In Dental Advantage also makes it easy for people to find a dentist in their area. With a simple-to-use dental directory tools that allows prospective patients to search for a dentist based on address, city, zip code, or state, patients can quickly narrow down dentists in their area who have promised to follow these guidelines.

Tips for Finding A Great Dentist

Of course, narrowing down the list of dentists in your area is only the first step. After you know which dentists are members of the Opt-In Dental Advantage network, you need to find a dentist office in your area where you feel comfortable.

Take the time to study dental websites for the dentists in your area. Read the dentists’ biographies, take that virtual tour of the office, and read through recent patient comments. If you can tell that everyone is raving about a particular practice and that the dentist takes his or her business seriously, visit the office in person.

Pay attention to the way you are treated when you arrive at the office. Talk with the front desk staff about things like accepted insurance plans, office policies, and payment options. The more you know, the easier it will be to make your choice. While you are there, make sure that the dentist offers preventive care, which can help your family to stay healthier this year.

Health Benefits of Preventive Care

Preventive care is absolutely essential to helping your family to avoid dental decay, oral pain, and periodontal disease, which is why you should ask about services like deep cleanings, dental sealants, and oral cancer screenings. Preventive dental care can do more than save you time and money. In addition to preventing embarrassing tooth damage, a proactive approach to dentistry can also help to keep your loved ones healthier—since periodontal disease has been tied to other life-threatening conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer.

Find Your Next Dentist Today

Resolve to enjoy a healthier smile in 2017 by finding a dentist in your area today. Use the free tools offered on the Opt-In Advantage website to search for dentists in your area that meet your criteria.