Quality Dental Care, Know What To Look For

Ever had a bad haircut for $10, 50, or even $100 or more? What’s crazy is no matter how much hair cutters charge or their skill level, their state licenses indicate they’re all the same. Of course, we can see a bad haircut, and, hair always grows back. Not so easy with teeth.

What is Quality Dental Care?

As in every walk of life, it should come as no mystery that dentists also vary in knowledge, training, and skills. Further, as a measure of professional integrity, while the vast majority always views their patient’s best interest as foremost, a few might place profits first. That’s why it is important to know that quality dental care will normally be the most comfortable and healthiest, last the longest, and include only what you need and want.

Dental school education includes science classes and training in basic clinical skills. Because our dental school education is limited, clinical knowledge needs to continue well past the four years of structured education. That means one measure of quality will be your dentist’s commitment to continuing education, learning the latest clinical information, techniques, and materials. Of course, while knowledge alone does not guarantee quality dental care, it is always a necessary component.

Another aspect of quality, clinical skills, are most often hidden from sight in dimensions of microns too small to see, affects fit (health) and function (comfort). Clinical skills, dependent upon training, natural abilities, dedication, and experience, help determine all aspects of how well your dentistry will perform. One thing about skills that is universal to all professions is, the more carefully one works, the better the result. To assure high quality, your dentist will only work at a pace that is predictable and comfortable for the two of you.

Patients looking for quality care should always seek a dentist known for having professional integrity, knowledge, and skills. However, because not every dentist abides by the OPT-In Dental Advantage Code of Ethics, listed in the Resource section of our website, www.optindentaladvantage.com, there are certain precautions that should be considered: Continue reading about Quality Dental Care, Know What To Look For